About Me =)

Hey everyone!! 

For those who don't know me, no biggie, I'm just another random chic behind a lens and a computer, but you can call me Kay if you wanna =) I'm a 24yo American mom of two goobers that has a creative mind and some free time so why not nails, right? Of course I also love the beauty of makeup and fashion as well but I'm focusing here okay? LOL

I used to be "My Karma Kisses" besides along with my full revamp, that included a name change but I love my logo so it stays, sorry for any confusion.

So yeah... thanks for checking me out. If you have any input, advice, request, etc. Let me know, I'm very interactive and welcome it but do be advised that if you want to be a bitch about things you will receive said bitchassness right back at you. Being a bitch and creating drama are two different things, drama filled people with be deleted, blocked, and blasted. DON'T DO IT. Nobody likes it.

See you on the Home page!!

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