Thursday, April 21


I'm having a serious debate on whether or not I should try to revive this blog or just start completely from scratch?

Decisions, decisions... if this pops up, let me know what you suggest.

Thursday, October 9

Pixar, Please!!

Have you heard?! We're making #MovieManis! I'm sure you've seen the hashtag on iG #PixarTagTeamMani, if you haven't... what are you waiting on?! This idea from [@danabobana03@beesonails] is a spin off from one that @jessnailed_it & @hannah_nails_it originally created [#DisneyTagTeamMani] and it's soooo much fun, I implore you to def go check it out and join in!

Post Full of Minis

Heeyy there lovey!

Let's talk bubbly, bright, annoyingly watchful little people, i.e. my daughter. -__- This is beautiful little trickster below is her. Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, laddies and lassies, introduciiiinng Princess Ally 


If you're like me with a daughter of your own then you know that anything you do, your daughter is going to do, want to do, and of course inevitably will do then you, chickadee, have a "Mini Me". My mini me requires that I do her hair over and over again, places stickers everywhere to have tattoos like Moma, and of course I have to do her nails thus the "mini mani" LOL!