Thursday, October 9

Pixar, Please!!

Have you heard?! We're making #MovieManis! I'm sure you've seen the hashtag on iG #PixarTagTeamMani, if you haven't... what are you waiting on?! This idea from [@danabobana03@beesonails] is a spin off from one that @jessnailed_it & @hannah_nails_it originally created [#DisneyTagTeamMani] and it's soooo much fun, I implore you to def go check it out and join in!

Fun, right?! I'm all about fun and testing limitations so I was sold. I didn't know who to ask to do this with since I'm fairly new ...not really, just fell off the block and just now coming back =0 but I saw someone who made a solo post, DM'd her and voila! I'm in the game! LOL

@a.redheads.nails did a great mani of the heroes from The Incredibles [one of my favorite animated movies, btw, can't wait for The Incredibles 2 to come out] and I joined in with mines =) 

This was so much fun!! I choose Syndrome so we could be opposites. The hair was the most technical because I wanted to try to capture the different hues of his hair and the texture if I could, I'm happy with the way it came out =) As you can see I was a little bit overly zealous and couldn't wait for it to fully dry which caused smudges.
Close up of SYNDROME!
Next, we decided to actually do one together and we choooooosssee... *drum roll* *rolls eyes* UP! Yes, I mean who wouldn't choose UP?! You can't not love that movie.
I very excited to do this design as well, again putting my skills to the test with what little "tools" I have to actually get artwork done but it came out great in my humble opinion. She did an awesome job as well, love the gradient for the sky and the eye bags for him.

Close up of UP!

In conclusion, go to iG, search for the tag, grab a movie, pop it and get those creative juices flowing, people!! We want to see more!! Until next time lovelies!

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