Thursday, February 9

Blues and Nude Shoes

Tuesday, I had another date night with one of my girls and of course I had to look stunning ;-) 

Pretty, no? And that's without gloss

One Lovely Blogger Award!

Yesterday I received the One Lovely Blogger Award from Kelly of Beauty Obsessed, and coming from her I knew it was genuine. This is my first blogger award and I'm happy to have it.
Thank you Kels!!

1. Thank the person that gave you this award
2. Name your nominated blog and tell them.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.

7 Randomosities about me!! YAY!!
- Throughout middle school and high school, I purposely changed my favorite color each year, and at the beginning of each New Year I re-wrote my alphabet until it was different and pleased me.

- I didn't learn until the 10th grade that I didn't have a middle name, a legal one anyway.

- I like to think of myself as a paradox because I'm often times backwards and make no sense whatsoever, lol

- I can't watch horror films and the likes because my mind works differently... kinda hard to explain lol

- I'm currently watching the entire Bones series, I'm on Season 1, Episode 10

- I have a happy dance that I will bring out at any given moment

- My husband says I'm a "tech whore" because I love [and want] the latest and best electronics.

I pass this award tooooooo:

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Wednesday, February 8

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!

This week's Mean Girls homage is brought to byyyyyyyyy... Sally Hansen with an appearance by OPI!! Christmas '10 one of my friends got me this stunning, off-the-charts hot pink [that I can't find anywhere] called Hi-Res.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! I'm such a tease, but I'll be nice and reward you with a glorious treat if you just click!

Monday, February 6

Feeling blue?

So am I! I decided to play around in my Sleek palette and this is the look I created.

Products Used:
  • Laura Mercier EYEBRIGHT Primer [Base]
  • Sleek: Underneath the Deep [inner lid / crease]
  • Sleek: Above the Surface [outer lid / wing]
  • Sleek: Diamonds in the Sand [inner crease / browbone]
  • Maybelline LINE Stilettos Liquid Eyeliner [top liner]
  • HiP 244 Beckoning [lower liner]
  • Buxom Voluminous Mascara
More images below

Hooray for me!

YAY!! I'm so excited y'all! I finally unlocked the power of water marbling! LOL I've seen so many other people do it but not explain HOW they did said water marble. Frustrating, right? Well, yesterday I was tweeting away and I saw my blogger go-to person, Kelly, post about her Step by Step Water Marbling Tutorial & Video. I was like SCORE!! Okay, okay, on to the finished product.