Sunday, January 13

Day 13: Cheer Yourself Up Mani

I'm not going to even begin to talk about my absence lol. So let's just get into it. I saw the mani challenge for today and thought AWESOME!! ...Now what am I going to do? LOL A lot of things cheer me up and and I'm like all over the place... So wait, what's the problem? Why shouldn't my nails be?! That is the challenge after all right? SO my mani is bright, bold colors, sparkles, glitter, and rainbows!! YAY me! LOL

Starting and ending foundation =)
Rainbow Nail
Other 9 funky fun nails lol

Then this. I'm just lost.
First off my nails were in horrid shape before hand... My pinky nail just broke off while I was removing the polish... My thumb has been like this for weeks. I think it happened when I was making a bow... Glue gun on the nail might do that to you lol
IDK what happened!! =(

Since I had been neglecting my poor nails and I previously used Plum Luck, I decided to give them a good cleaning, ie a brightening and strengthening bath with Peroxide and Baking Soda. It works girls!! It takes no time in comparison to the time we actually take on our manis.

1 tbsp of peroxide, 2.5 tbsp of baking soda, mix and let it set for a min, put the paste on each nail and let sit for 5mins
 After I rinsed, I added in a cup of hot water, stirred and let my nails soak for about a minute to soften my cuticles and give them a little extra oomph!! =) Definitely recommend giving it a try!

No rainbow nail (which I kinda like) no top coat
Rainbow nail. Decided to wing it. Eff the tape!! LOL
 I hope you like it! I'll be doing an Avon First Impression and look soon! MUAH!!

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