Saturday, February 25


Hello my beauties! Today is a pretty day outside and I have an almost complete awesome night last night, I hope you did as well =)

Okay! Now on to the fun stuff!! The winner to My First Giveaway who will receive a full sized bottle of OPI Nicki Minaj: Metallic 4 Life.
Step right up......... KELLY!! YAYS!! Congrats Kels! Hope you enjoy your new polish which will be shipped soon. Please respond to my email within 24hrs =)

Unfortunately for a lot of ppl, they were not an original follower like I stated in the Rules, and some ppl didn't place a GFC name at all. You MUST read the Rules and Terms of Agreement. But do not fret, I am still hosting another giveaway that anyone within the US may enter. Please be sure to fill out all information. Just because you click enter does not mean I will accept if the entry fill is blank. Good luck to everyone!

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Thursday, February 23

I'm so excited & I just can't hide it!!

I've been sorta kinda MIA lately but I have a good reasoooonnnn!!! =D I'm sooooooo happpy that I've found a new niche that feeds into both my creativeness & girly-ness. TUTUs!!!!

One of my high school friends, Brittany, makes these awesome bows and other knickknacks at Brittany Bows & More, AND she will soon be doing a guest post, yay!

So anywhoo, back on subject, I saw all these different ladies making the cutest bows, dresses, you name it, they made, and tutus!! [Semi-sorry for the way I keep saying tutus!! but I'm just so excited!] I was like OMG these are so cute and my sassy little girl would love and look cute in this, so why not try your hand at it? And you know what? I DID! 

This is my little girl, Alyssondria & it's the first tutu I ever made

Tuesday, February 21

OooOhh!! Shimmers!

Yesterday I was in WalMart [again] and I strayed into the beauty aisle [again] and I saw this beautiful shimmery purple from Nicole by OPI called Count On Me & I was entranced by it and of course, had to have it. LOL

So without further ado....

So pretty!

Sunday, February 19

What I'm Wearing

Tonight I have on this gorgeous chrome color on my nails. My husband picked it out a few days back and since I hardly wear it and it is really gorgeous I decided to let it stay for awhile, such a shocker. Annnyyywhoo! I bring to you Sand Dunes...
With flash

Without flash
Isn't it pretty?! It's like this chrome-y beige but it has a pinkish undertone to it in person and it really does have a sandy look to it. If you are sleeping on petites, don't. They are very affordable and come in a variety of colors at Wal-Mart. The formula goes on really well, smooth and it comes with a standard brush. Since this is a chrome, it's a one-coater but of course, I went two =)

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Oh my brightness! *Updated*

Okay, so now that I've calmed down, lol. Yesterday I was looking through my shadows trying to decide what looked I wanted to go with while out with the girls but that didn't happen so the possibilities were endless!! And I settled for a brightly summery look. =)

If you want to know the specific products I used, or see a video on how I did it, ask and I will post but for the cliff notes version: I created a simple but bright, yellow winged eyes, topped that off with purple lashes, contoured cheeks, and vividly show stopping red lips.
*original* I was feeling very summer-ish today so I decided to make a beat face full of colors. Chhhhhheccccckkkk itt ouuuuuttttttttt!!

I have yellow eyes, purple lashes, and red lips. WHOOP WHOOP!!
I love how my brows look

You can see a bit of everything here. Check out those lashes!