Thursday, February 23

I'm so excited & I just can't hide it!!

I've been sorta kinda MIA lately but I have a good reasoooonnnn!!! =D I'm sooooooo happpy that I've found a new niche that feeds into both my creativeness & girly-ness. TUTUs!!!!

One of my high school friends, Brittany, makes these awesome bows and other knickknacks at Brittany Bows & More, AND she will soon be doing a guest post, yay!

So anywhoo, back on subject, I saw all these different ladies making the cutest bows, dresses, you name it, they made, and tutus!! [Semi-sorry for the way I keep saying tutus!! but I'm just so excited!] I was like OMG these are so cute and my sassy little girl would love and look cute in this, so why not try your hand at it? And you know what? I DID! 

This is my little girl, Alyssondria & it's the first tutu I ever made

I'm so proud of myself and how well it came out. SOoooo I decided to continue making the pretty tutus [I've already made 4] and I plan on getting more material today and trying more intricate designs.

1st: Ally's tutu, multi-layered
2nd: Simple "tinkerbell-esque" single layer tutu for my niece, Ivory'Onna
3rd: Single layered, 2 toned rocker tutu for my niece, Miss Lina
4th: Short, pretty pastel, multi-colored, poofy pixie tutu
Aren't they so cute? I learned some new techniques today so I can't wait to try them out. YAY =)                                   

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