Friday, October 21

Very Sexy Lips

If the lips doesn't sound inciting enough, maybe the distributor does: Victoria's Secret. Although this is a great lipstick all the way around: price, lasting, feel, wear, & of course color; I rarely wear it. Since it is fall now, I do have a reason to break it out now being that it's my only dark lip color.

[without flash]

[with flash]

It goes on very smooth and it covers well with one coat but who stops at one coat, right? LOL. It's very wearable in the sense that it's lasting, you can wear it for hours. It goes on like a deep rustic red but as you can see in the flash, it has gold undertones which I really like since it compliments me. Hope you enjoyed & thanks for reading! Be sure to comment & follow =)

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HiP Review

Okay so this is kinda of a double feature, i.e. a review and how I choose to wear it. The first two are a duo shadow mini pallet & the second two are loose pigments.

The pressed powder duo shadows are nice & convenient. The first one is a matte shadow duo in white & blue. The second one is a bright shadow duo in a teal green & navy blue.

 As you can see the white shows up pretty nicely, true to HiP's name. I really love how shimmery the green is and surprisingly the green shows more so than the navy blue.

They call this duo: Animated, so I decided to do a invert eye. 
Usually the white is simply used as a highlight & the blue as the shadow so I did the opposite and I really like it. I even dusted my lashes to give it a more ... ethereal look

They call this duo: Showy, so I decide to use the teal more.
I used the shimmery teal over the entire lid and the navy blue at the outer corners to pump it up a bit.
In the third pic, I added a liner from Urban Decay in Aqua. 

Now here are my loose pigments, the only that I own :-| ... for now anyways. 
Both are very shimmery, the first is a royal blue and the second is an ivory with undertones of pink.
[918 Restless & 244 Beckoning]

Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful!

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Go Go Green

This is Maybelline's Express Finish in Go Go Green. It's really pretty and true to it's Go Go name, full off limes, yellows, and shimmers. It goes on smoothly and dries within seconds.

This polish is true to it's name 

Without flash

With flash

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Day Four...

Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

(1) Sigh
(2) Optimism
(3) Finance
(4) Love
(5) Family
(6) Future
(7) Keep Moving Forward

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This or That? [TAG You're it!]

I follow this wonderfully fun & friendly blogger, Nykki & I saw this questionnaire which I had to do. =) If you haven't heard of Nykki's Mane Blog, the get from under that rock!! Go look at her post & follow her... Then tell her I said hey! LOL. Sooooo back to the post; I got this from Nykki & Nykki got it from Melissa. Hopefully you'll continue this and get it from me =)

Blush or Bronzer?

  • Blush. I really like the color that it adds. I'm a color lover =) I do use bronzer on occasion.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?

  • Lipstick! I love the different shades it comes in and the softness it creates. Plus lipstick can stay on, lip gloss? No chance.

Eyeliner or Mascara?

  • Mascara. I haven't gotten a handle on eyeliner like I want so I just leave it alone. It's mainly for dramatics anyway right?

Foundation or Concealer?

  • Both. I really like them both because I use them to compliment each other for a flawless finish =)

Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow?

  • Now this is tough because I've been more into color lately but when I interview and such I use neutrals... Hmmm...?

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow?

  • Pressed. Loose is great if you have the patience and time, which I usually have neither of.

Brushes or Sponges?

  • Sponge for foundation application and then airbrush brush to insure evenness & of course brushes for everything else.
Long or Short?
  • Recently short although I have really good nail beds so they grow fairly easily. I love sparkle & glitter but I don't think they look as good as it could on long nails.
Acrylic or Natural?
  • Natural. Although I do like acrylic, I don't have the money for them nor the patience for my nails to restore.
Brights or Darks?
  • Brights! I do have some great darks like black, navy, maroon, etc but I love brights!!
Flower or no Flower?
  • Ummm... no? LOL
Perfume or Body Splash?
  • Perfume. What exactly is body splash? Seems pretty pointless to me.
Lotion or Body Butter?
  • Body Butter. Love this stuff, smells nice and feels great!
Body Wash or Soap?

  • Body Wash. I really like how they infuse everything in it to get what you want. Yummy.

Jeans or Sweat Pants?

  • Jeans. I really enjoy being nekkid but when I have to wear clothes at home because of company, sweat pants.

Long Sleeve or Short?

  • Short. As I said I would rather be nekkid so the less the better... without looking like a cheap whore, of course [if I offended anyone with my bluntness, apologies]

Dresses or Skirts?

  • Realistically dresses but it's only because I don't have skirts like I would want.

Stripes or Plaid?

  • Plaid. I'm a plaid kinda gal

Flip Flops or Sandals?

  • Flip-flops definitely.

Scarves or Hats?

  • Hats.

Studs or Dangly Earrings?

  • Studs, simply because I have so many dangles.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots?

  • Ummm cowboy boots? I mean who didn't want to be a cowgirl once upon a time.

Jacket or Hoodie?

  • Jacket they are amazingly comfortable and chic.

Curly or Straight?

  • A mix. Wavy,baby!

Bun or Ponytail?

  • Ponytail

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?

  • Bobby pin

Hair Spray or Gel?

  • Neither. Mousse.

Long or Short?

  • It's currently short, letting it grow out.

Light or Dark?

  • IDK. 

Side-swept Bangs or Full Bangs?

  • IDK

Up or Down?

  • Down

Rain or shine?

  • Shine. The rain is soothing but there's fun in the sun =)

Summer or Winter?

  • Summer, I don't like the cold.

Fall or Spring?

  • Spring. 

Chocolate or Vanilla?

  • Vanilla. Yum, yum yum!!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about me =)

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Thursday, October 20

Love those eyes

As you may know I have a Tumblr [that I've actually been neglecting since I've been come a bblogger, lol] Well I seen this post and I just thought they were DE-licious! I'm not sure if she did her eyes herself but I know mines darn sure didn't come close to it lol. Maybe I didn't have the right colors or it's because I used pressed instead of pigmented. IDK. Oh wells *shrugs*

I think what I like most is how intriguing the eyes are, the vividness and boldness just draws you in. What do you think? Would you wear this?

Although my version didn't come out a catastrophe, it didn't come out as vividly as I had hoped. Plus I haven't gotten comfortable with my liquid liner yet. While I'm at, why don't I blame my camera too =) 

This is a close up. Like I said not horrible but it could have been better, way better. Any tips? Any at all will help. Thanks for reading!

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Day Three...

Eight ways to win your heart.

(1) Love me
(2) Love my children
(3) Understand me or try your best to
(4) Seduce me with your mind
(5) Have a fantastic voice
(6) Open mindedness
(7) Mind blowing sex
(8) Patience with me

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Yay! Followers!

I woke up to 5 followers today. *does happy dance*  Happy, happy!! Me, me! Happy Me!!! LOL Thanks you for your support =)

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Wednesday, October 19

Too Faced Review

Hey!! My absolute favorite place to go when I'm on a beauty binge is Sephora. I <3 them so much! They have such a great variety and because I'm a BeautyInsider and VIB, I get great freebies like this amazing Too Faced pallet. It's compose of 4 different eyes: Naked, Smoky, Natural, & Romantic (it also came with it's own primer called Shadow Insurance).  =)

This is the outside, it's shows the different looks

How it looks once you open it. It gives you directs which is pretty cool for a newb =)

The Naked Eye: Heaven & Push-Up
I actually really like the way this looks on me, because I'm so light it really looks naked.

The Smoky Eye: Silver Spoon & Smolder
This is my least favorite out of the swatches because I personally don't like the smokey

The Natural Eye: Satin Sheets & Like A Virgin
I rarely wear this alone, I usually pair it with the Naked or Romantic Eye

Romantic Eye: Honeymoon & Ever After
I really like the shimmers in this one. It shows up kinda green in the pallet but yellowish on

Here I used the Naked & Natural with Ever After for the crease 

What it looks like with an open eye...

Finished product =)

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Day Two...

Nine things about yourself.

(1) I'm a paradox & I love it
(2) I don't have a middle name
(3) I am a girly girl... when I can be
(4) I'm very animated
(5) I'm new to blogging but might be addicted
(6) I love HK & Nicki Minaj
(7) Although I'm optimistic, I'm also a skeptic
(8) I'm a very aggressive & stubborn person
(9) I trust to easily...

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MAC Giveaway

Ever heard of BrittanyCamyrn? Well you have now because she is doing a MAC Giveaway! It ends tomorrow so be sure to enter quickly and of course follow her blog. She's really fun to read =)

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Tuesday, October 18

Orange ya glad!

This trend was hot this summer, yes, I'm talking the infamous ORANGE LIPS. I first found my love for them in Sephora's Summer catalog with the pic below:
Gorgeous, isn't it?

So of course I immediately went to Sephora and bought the necessary fix. I'll post the pics below but first I want to say that I really like the fact that the orange is still really for this fall as well. I don't think I'll be wearing it with the gloss but I will definitely still be rocking my bright pout! =)

*The first application, just the lipstick

*The second application, topped with gloss

*With flash

Open tube with flash

Flash, full face...

Well that's it! As always, feel free to post your comments, opinons, or links to your orange lips =) *Please excuse my nostrils... :-/ I will probably go back and edit this tomorrow but I really wanted to post this.

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Day One...

Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

(1) I'm glad we're friends again
(2) Idk what happened the other day, so confused.
(3) You should totally get a blog
(4) I wish you would do what you say, hypocrite
(5) Where's my HK!?
(6) I'm disappointed in the way things turned out
(7) I know you're doing what you can so sorry if I forget
(8) We need to get together more & work
(9) You can do this
(10) I love you because you love me in spite of.

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Tumblr Steal...

Stole this from Tumblr, so going to do it on here. Feel free to do the same & post the link =)

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Another giveaway =)

There is this great giveaway from this chick named Bee. If you're into makeup, which I mean who ISN'T, then most def check her out!

BreezeyBee's Giveaway!! OH! And don't wait too long, it ends on her birthday, Nov 23rd! You already know the chick's awesome, she's giving away a variety of prizes on HER birthday!

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Modern Day

I absolutely adore this photo and would love to do something similar. It reminds me of a modern day, Carmen Miranda, you may know her as the fruit head lady, lol. Isn't this image just to die for? I would probably hang this up if I could purchase it.

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You know I can't keep the love to myself so here's the dish: The Pretty Pisces is doing a great giveaway!

This giveaway has variety of prizes and I'm so excited because she always have great stuff, so if you aren't following her blog... Well, why aren't you following her blog!? Get on it NOW! LOL

This giveaway ends on Nov 1st, so don't dwaddle (that's a word, right) if you want a chance to win. No pressure though because I would love not to have the competition, lol

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Mardi Gras

I've never been to Mardi Gras before, I know, I know, keep your head on, lol. ANYWHOO, I haven't been but I know the colors and decided to play in my makeup last year and this is the look, I got. (Be warned: Totally weird head angle, lol)
What do you think?

As you can see there isn't any liner. I hate eyeliner... Mainly because I haven't gotten steady enough to use them but I so want to. Practice, practice, practice.


Maybelline's Dream Mousse Concealer (Beige; Medium 0-2.5)
Maybelline's Dream Mousse Foundation (Honey; Medium)
Maybelline's Mineral Powder Illuminator (Peach)

bareMinerals Prime Time (Brightening Pearl)
Base & Highlighter: Shag
Inner lid & corners: Honey
Outer lid & bottom liner: Ransom
Crease & Shadow: Graffiti
Sephora's Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara (05 Purple)

Maybelline's Define-A-Brow (Light Brown)

Maybelline's COLORSensational (035 Pink Peony)

As you can see, then I was totally into Maybelline lol. Overall I totally like the look and would def wear it out. What do you think?

OHHH, WAIT! *I used 2 foundations to find my right color & I used the illuminator to contour instead of a blush*

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Sassy & Sexy

This was my first time trying red lips, and I loved it. I seriously felt EMPOWERED. I felt sassy, sexy, grown... Like, that ooh wee grown. The lady that you read about in books, grown. These red lips coupled with the subtle brown smokey eyes I had going on = Unstoppable. Show me YOUR luscious reds. =)

I used NARS & Sephora

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Monday, October 17

For my fellow Barbz!

This is only my second post so you don't know that I LOVE Nicki Minaj but I do. When her album came out, I went out and bought it straightaway no questions asked lol. 
See the pure happiness?! LOL

So you know when I heard about her LIMITED EDITION  MAC  Pink Friday lipstick, I had to get it! I love it, it's really smooth and creamy. Perfect Nicki colour, but who would expect less of her, right? LOL
Tip: Because it's so smooth & creamy, use a lip buffer to clear away any dead cells

Here it is on me, and I do look fetch if I must say so myself !

Leave your comments, thoughts, and show any posts that you may have of your HB look. =)

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My first post

My first post!! Thank you Ash for inspiring this blogger, blog thingy, lol. Tumblr is great for pics but this is great for my girly fix. Hopefully I'll be posting more soon and I will be blogging things ppl will want to follow. If you have any tips, pls feel free to comment. =)

Be sure to follow The Pretty Pisces