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This or That? [TAG You're it!]

I follow this wonderfully fun & friendly blogger, Nykki & I saw this questionnaire which I had to do. =) If you haven't heard of Nykki's Mane Blog, the get from under that rock!! Go look at her post & follow her... Then tell her I said hey! LOL. Sooooo back to the post; I got this from Nykki & Nykki got it from Melissa. Hopefully you'll continue this and get it from me =)

Blush or Bronzer?

  • Blush. I really like the color that it adds. I'm a color lover =) I do use bronzer on occasion.

Lipgloss or Lipstick?

  • Lipstick! I love the different shades it comes in and the softness it creates. Plus lipstick can stay on, lip gloss? No chance.

Eyeliner or Mascara?

  • Mascara. I haven't gotten a handle on eyeliner like I want so I just leave it alone. It's mainly for dramatics anyway right?

Foundation or Concealer?

  • Both. I really like them both because I use them to compliment each other for a flawless finish =)

Neutral or Coloured Eyeshadow?

  • Now this is tough because I've been more into color lately but when I interview and such I use neutrals... Hmmm...?

Pressed or Loose Eyeshadow?

  • Pressed. Loose is great if you have the patience and time, which I usually have neither of.

Brushes or Sponges?

  • Sponge for foundation application and then airbrush brush to insure evenness & of course brushes for everything else.
Long or Short?
  • Recently short although I have really good nail beds so they grow fairly easily. I love sparkle & glitter but I don't think they look as good as it could on long nails.
Acrylic or Natural?
  • Natural. Although I do like acrylic, I don't have the money for them nor the patience for my nails to restore.
Brights or Darks?
  • Brights! I do have some great darks like black, navy, maroon, etc but I love brights!!
Flower or no Flower?
  • Ummm... no? LOL
Perfume or Body Splash?
  • Perfume. What exactly is body splash? Seems pretty pointless to me.
Lotion or Body Butter?
  • Body Butter. Love this stuff, smells nice and feels great!
Body Wash or Soap?

  • Body Wash. I really like how they infuse everything in it to get what you want. Yummy.

Jeans or Sweat Pants?

  • Jeans. I really enjoy being nekkid but when I have to wear clothes at home because of company, sweat pants.

Long Sleeve or Short?

  • Short. As I said I would rather be nekkid so the less the better... without looking like a cheap whore, of course [if I offended anyone with my bluntness, apologies]

Dresses or Skirts?

  • Realistically dresses but it's only because I don't have skirts like I would want.

Stripes or Plaid?

  • Plaid. I'm a plaid kinda gal

Flip Flops or Sandals?

  • Flip-flops definitely.

Scarves or Hats?

  • Hats.

Studs or Dangly Earrings?

  • Studs, simply because I have so many dangles.

Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots?

  • Ummm cowboy boots? I mean who didn't want to be a cowgirl once upon a time.

Jacket or Hoodie?

  • Jacket they are amazingly comfortable and chic.

Curly or Straight?

  • A mix. Wavy,baby!

Bun or Ponytail?

  • Ponytail

Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?

  • Bobby pin

Hair Spray or Gel?

  • Neither. Mousse.

Long or Short?

  • It's currently short, letting it grow out.

Light or Dark?

  • IDK. 

Side-swept Bangs or Full Bangs?

  • IDK

Up or Down?

  • Down

Rain or shine?

  • Shine. The rain is soothing but there's fun in the sun =)

Summer or Winter?

  • Summer, I don't like the cold.

Fall or Spring?

  • Spring. 

Chocolate or Vanilla?

  • Vanilla. Yum, yum yum!!

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about me =)

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