Monday, October 17

For my fellow Barbz!

This is only my second post so you don't know that I LOVE Nicki Minaj but I do. When her album came out, I went out and bought it straightaway no questions asked lol. 
See the pure happiness?! LOL

So you know when I heard about her LIMITED EDITION  MAC  Pink Friday lipstick, I had to get it! I love it, it's really smooth and creamy. Perfect Nicki colour, but who would expect less of her, right? LOL
Tip: Because it's so smooth & creamy, use a lip buffer to clear away any dead cells

Here it is on me, and I do look fetch if I must say so myself !

Leave your comments, thoughts, and show any posts that you may have of your HB look. =)

Don't forget your Karma Kiss for the day!! 

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