Friday, October 21

HiP Review

Okay so this is kinda of a double feature, i.e. a review and how I choose to wear it. The first two are a duo shadow mini pallet & the second two are loose pigments.

The pressed powder duo shadows are nice & convenient. The first one is a matte shadow duo in white & blue. The second one is a bright shadow duo in a teal green & navy blue.

 As you can see the white shows up pretty nicely, true to HiP's name. I really love how shimmery the green is and surprisingly the green shows more so than the navy blue.

They call this duo: Animated, so I decided to do a invert eye. 
Usually the white is simply used as a highlight & the blue as the shadow so I did the opposite and I really like it. I even dusted my lashes to give it a more ... ethereal look

They call this duo: Showy, so I decide to use the teal more.
I used the shimmery teal over the entire lid and the navy blue at the outer corners to pump it up a bit.
In the third pic, I added a liner from Urban Decay in Aqua. 

Now here are my loose pigments, the only that I own :-| ... for now anyways. 
Both are very shimmery, the first is a royal blue and the second is an ivory with undertones of pink.
[918 Restless & 244 Beckoning]

Hope you enjoyed this and found it useful!

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