Wednesday, October 19

Too Faced Review

Hey!! My absolute favorite place to go when I'm on a beauty binge is Sephora. I <3 them so much! They have such a great variety and because I'm a BeautyInsider and VIB, I get great freebies like this amazing Too Faced pallet. It's compose of 4 different eyes: Naked, Smoky, Natural, & Romantic (it also came with it's own primer called Shadow Insurance).  =)

This is the outside, it's shows the different looks

How it looks once you open it. It gives you directs which is pretty cool for a newb =)

The Naked Eye: Heaven & Push-Up
I actually really like the way this looks on me, because I'm so light it really looks naked.

The Smoky Eye: Silver Spoon & Smolder
This is my least favorite out of the swatches because I personally don't like the smokey

The Natural Eye: Satin Sheets & Like A Virgin
I rarely wear this alone, I usually pair it with the Naked or Romantic Eye

Romantic Eye: Honeymoon & Ever After
I really like the shimmers in this one. It shows up kinda green in the pallet but yellowish on

Here I used the Naked & Natural with Ever After for the crease 

What it looks like with an open eye...

Finished product =)

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