Wednesday, December 5

Christmas Surprise Giveaway

Hey Y'all!! Once again, it's been a lifetime since I've been over here. If you could see my nails right now you would shake your and your perfectly manicured finger at me. But hey what can I say? There's life and it's caught up to me lol.

Anywhoo, as some of you may know I create tutu and tutu-based creations, so I decided to emerge myself from the mounds of tulle and do a giveaway!! Yup, yup a giveaway for your little princess! She will love the wand that I will create. All I ask is that you please pay for shipping, $2. Fill out the form below and good luck! If you want to see my work, just visit my FB it's in the Rafflecopter =)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, October 11

I'm ALIVE!!!

WHEW!! Hey everyone, anyone whose still there! It's been soooo long since I've been on here and so much has happened since then but oh well let's talk beauty and birthdays!!

Sooooo my birthday is Saturday, I wasn't excited at all a week or two ago but as the day gets closer I find myself being all "YAYS!" I think it's because I have the best friends ever and they are doing all they can to make sure I'm my perky, bubbly, giddy, girly self =)

Some of you know blogger, Pretty Pisces Beauty, [if you don't you should seriously check her out], she one of my bestie Ash aka Miss Monroe Oreo *grins* Teeheehee Love you Ash!! ANYHOO!! She gave me a mini early birthday gift [$10 eCertificate for Sephora, my FAVE] and of course I stretch it to the max. For a little under $10 I ordered: Sephora Lush Flush Lip & Cheek StainStila Stay All Day Waterproof Mascara, Philosophy Love Sweet Love, Happy Birthday Beautiful fresh Sugar Kisses mini lip duo *inhales* annnndddd... three samples fresh Umbrian Clay (r) Mattifying Serum, Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, BVLGARI Mon Jasmin Noir.

Goody package, yay!
That was a mouth full and I am exhausted lol, but lucky for you I'll push through lol. Swatches and first impressions after the more but for those of you who don't want to read anymore, here's my FACE!! LOL

Gorgeous dah-ling I know!!

Monday, March 12

What I'm Wearing

I've bee so busy lately but I haven't  forgotten about you, I promise! Here is a collage of the colors I've been wearing as of late.

L2R: Stolen Kisses with flash, One Big Happy Fame-ily with flash, One Big Happy Fame-ily without flash, & lastly Respect the World feat. Oscar without flash.

Stolen Kisses is actually one of my fave polishes [a magenta red] but unfortunately it's a struggle to get one because my daughter split most of it last year and I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere =( Oh, I had been wearing this for a week and half before I took the pic, you can see my edges the tiniest of bits but no chips =)

One Big Happy Fame-ily is the latest of my polish from the KKolor II series, I definitely will be going back for more. I really like this soft yet vibrant lilac with it's silver shimmers. So yummy!

Respect the World and I have a apathetic love relationship, lol. Sometimes I look at it and adore it and then most times I look and am absolutely bored with but my husband picked it out so I slapped it on last time and put Oscar on my pinky to make me smile.

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Tuesday, March 6

Guest Blogger: The Pretty Pisces

Hello beauties!! Today I have a special treat for you! A guest blogger from my BFF & consequently the blogger who peer pressured me into creating a blog of my own [Thx, Ash! Muah!!].  Without out further ado, Ashley of ~*The Pretty Pisces*~.

"Hey Karma's readers!! I'm Ashley from The Pretty Pisces and I want to thank Karma so much for inviting me to guest post on her blog. Today I want to show you how to get an easy smokey eye with a pop of color! 

I'll be using the Wet N Wild 6 pan palette in "Lust", but you can use any shadows that are dupes.

First, apply an eyeshadow primer and apply a gray base to your lid. I'm using a no-name cream shadow.

Next, apply a purple cream shadow in the cream. I'm using Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Painted Purple. You want to use bases to make the shadows really pop.

Using a fluffy crease brush, blend shadow #3 into the crease over the color tattoo. Next, pat shadow #4 all over your lid. So there's not a harsh line, blend where the two colors meet.

Place shadow #5 into the outer corner to add depth. You can blend it into your crease more if that's the look you desire.

Use a shadow that's similar to your skin tone to buff out the harsh line of the purple and blend it into your brow for a slight highlight. I'm using a shimmery shadow by Black Radiance.

Apply your favorite eyeliner and mascara. Add lashes for a more dramatic look! Groom and fill in those eyebrows!

Since the eyes are dramatic, I wanted to keep the rest of the face neutral. I used Wet N Wild's Megalast lipstick in Mocha-licious and Wet N Wild's blush in Mellow Wine.

Thanks so much for reading! Check out my blog if you liked this look! "

Thank you Ashley! Great post, and nice picture tutorial. =) Feel free to stop by anytime!
And if YOU, my beautiful subscribers and fellow bloggers, would like to be come a guest blogger, all you have to do is click on the tab above that says, "In 'Other' Words" or simply click the link provided. =)

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Saturday, March 3


SO I was going through my Lips bag and I realized that I have multiples of brands but I've never posted them so here's a quick run down.

First we have Urban Decay's Pocket Rockets, I've had these for years, lol. Let's visit Sephora for a refresher, What it is: Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss combines a girl's two favorite things: guys and gloss! With the tilt of a tube, your well-dressed man will be stripped to his undies (front and rear photos are included for your viewing pleasure!). The crème-brulee-scented formula slicks and shines your pout to pucker perfection, with each highly pigmented shade varying in opacity and finish. It also contains hyaluronic spheres that are known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles.

Now, is all of this true, I'm not sure. Are they cute? Yes. Are they convenient? Yes. Are they lasting? Yes. 

Kirk: is an eco-friendly guy that comes in a sheer creamy nude, YUM!
Julio: is no longer with us so unfortunately I can tell you much besides he's a sheer glitter gloss
James: is  the emo-hipster that comes in a sheer hot pink with an ultraviolet glow
Click to enlarge
 Next up is Maybelline COLORsensational in 3 yummy colors: Toffee Tango, Pink Peony, & Red Revival

Lastly, Maybelline again in the pearl series: Bronze Beam & Coral Gleam

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Wednesday, February 29

A green kinda day

No words, just pics. Feeling kinda "eh" today, I think it's the weather =(
Old mani, got tired of looking at it
Gorgeous, 1 coat
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Tuesday, February 28

Bow Review

Hello beauties! It is way past my bedtime & I'm sure I will feel this in the morning >-< Oh wells =)

The other day, I briefly mentioned that I won a giveaway for my daughter, a beautiful bow from Brittany's Bows & More, well it has arrived and my daughter and I both love it and will definitely be ordering more. Actually I just placed an order for her lol. She saw the bows and said, "It's Doh-rah! It's Doh-rah, Moma!" LOL She adores Dora and since she's only 2 she enunciates like crazy, it's so cute.

Here are the pics. =)  I decided to play around with her hair to see which way I wanted her bow to be.

Fro =) OAN: Her smiles kills me, lol

2 puffs =) *Close-up

Her mini doo =)

One big puff *Close-up
 Okay, I tried to get one of a straight forward with the single puff but her smile would just not allow me to do it, lol I just would not put my baby out there like that with her crooked smile and squinted eyes lol.

So which style did you think I picked?

Sunday, February 26

Teasers **UPDATES**

As I said before, I went to Sephora and treated myself to a few things that were on my wish list and I although it isn't much it was as usual expensive, for me anyway. I have an online order that is to arrive today [yay!!] and I just ordered something else. AH! I'm such a Sephora junkie!! But I couldn't resist! Not my fault they know my weakness [promo codes, points, & freebies] =(

I also went into CVS and snatched up Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam!! If you have been subscribe to me & my post &/or tweets then you know I've been searching for this and it has always been out! >_< But I  finally found my true love! I always knew Khloe & I were kindred spirits lol. Oh, and while I was there I grabbed 2 of the CVS exclusive Kardashian Kolors II.

Then I quickly, blindfolded myself in to Sally's grabbed this $5 jar of Olive Oil Edge Control and ran out before I got sucked into the bountifulness that is Sally's lol

ANNNNDDDD my first Julep nail mail came! Yay! I've been scoping Julep out for a while, indecisive but then I saw on The Nail Junkie's blog that I could sign up for a $1 this month!! I said swEet! And signed up and I was so surprised at how quickly it all arrived. Today is the LAST day that you can sign up for a $1 too! Don't miss out! Sign up here & use code "SHAREONFEB". =)
So I went to Sephora and got a couple of things on my wish list, yays! I signed up for Julep since this month was only at $1, click here & use code "SHAREONFEB", you only have 3 more days so hurry!! I also ran down to CVS and Sally's to check out some exclusives and hair products. I won't go into details just yet but here are pics, pics, pics!!

Collab pic of the goodies

Last Friday Night!!!

Helllloooo my beauties!! Today is a WONDERful day! I've noticed that I've been in such a good mood lately, all bubbly and perky! I think you might have something to do with that =)

As some of you may know, I model part-time and yesterday was my agent/manager, friend & confidant's birthday [whooooooo!!] so of course we partied on Friday night. ;-) Okay, before I both shock & disappoint you all, be forewarned, I have hair [it's not blue, lol] & in all the excitement I forgot to take close ups of my makeup. BUT! In an effort to make it up to you, I will tell you which products I used.

Now onward to the pix [W00t!!]

Saturday, February 25


Hello my beauties! Today is a pretty day outside and I have an almost complete awesome night last night, I hope you did as well =)

Okay! Now on to the fun stuff!! The winner to My First Giveaway who will receive a full sized bottle of OPI Nicki Minaj: Metallic 4 Life.
Step right up......... KELLY!! YAYS!! Congrats Kels! Hope you enjoy your new polish which will be shipped soon. Please respond to my email within 24hrs =)

Unfortunately for a lot of ppl, they were not an original follower like I stated in the Rules, and some ppl didn't place a GFC name at all. You MUST read the Rules and Terms of Agreement. But do not fret, I am still hosting another giveaway that anyone within the US may enter. Please be sure to fill out all information. Just because you click enter does not mean I will accept if the entry fill is blank. Good luck to everyone!

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Thursday, February 23

I'm so excited & I just can't hide it!!

I've been sorta kinda MIA lately but I have a good reasoooonnnn!!! =D I'm sooooooo happpy that I've found a new niche that feeds into both my creativeness & girly-ness. TUTUs!!!!

One of my high school friends, Brittany, makes these awesome bows and other knickknacks at Brittany Bows & More, AND she will soon be doing a guest post, yay!

So anywhoo, back on subject, I saw all these different ladies making the cutest bows, dresses, you name it, they made, and tutus!! [Semi-sorry for the way I keep saying tutus!! but I'm just so excited!] I was like OMG these are so cute and my sassy little girl would love and look cute in this, so why not try your hand at it? And you know what? I DID! 

This is my little girl, Alyssondria & it's the first tutu I ever made

Tuesday, February 21

OooOhh!! Shimmers!

Yesterday I was in WalMart [again] and I strayed into the beauty aisle [again] and I saw this beautiful shimmery purple from Nicole by OPI called Count On Me & I was entranced by it and of course, had to have it. LOL

So without further ado....

So pretty!

Sunday, February 19

What I'm Wearing

Tonight I have on this gorgeous chrome color on my nails. My husband picked it out a few days back and since I hardly wear it and it is really gorgeous I decided to let it stay for awhile, such a shocker. Annnyyywhoo! I bring to you Sand Dunes...
With flash

Without flash
Isn't it pretty?! It's like this chrome-y beige but it has a pinkish undertone to it in person and it really does have a sandy look to it. If you are sleeping on petites, don't. They are very affordable and come in a variety of colors at Wal-Mart. The formula goes on really well, smooth and it comes with a standard brush. Since this is a chrome, it's a one-coater but of course, I went two =)

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Oh my brightness! *Updated*

Okay, so now that I've calmed down, lol. Yesterday I was looking through my shadows trying to decide what looked I wanted to go with while out with the girls but that didn't happen so the possibilities were endless!! And I settled for a brightly summery look. =)

If you want to know the specific products I used, or see a video on how I did it, ask and I will post but for the cliff notes version: I created a simple but bright, yellow winged eyes, topped that off with purple lashes, contoured cheeks, and vividly show stopping red lips.
*original* I was feeling very summer-ish today so I decided to make a beat face full of colors. Chhhhhheccccckkkk itt ouuuuuttttttttt!!

I have yellow eyes, purple lashes, and red lips. WHOOP WHOOP!!
I love how my brows look

You can see a bit of everything here. Check out those lashes!

Saturday, February 18

"Your face dirty!"

Hey beauties! How are y'all on this fine bleak & rainy day? I bring to you today the wonders of Boscia. =)

Last night, I decided to use my Boscia Luminizing Black Mask to pamper my face while relaxing and watching Nitraa B on YouTube. While putting on my mask, my son [he's almost 4] came into the bathroom and looked at me and said, "Your face dirty! Your face dirty, Moma. You need to clean it." Of course, I laughed and sent him back into his room. LOL

Okay, sooooooo Boscia makes this awesome line of cleansing products, esp their black line. Ah! I love the tingles lol. This mask is so refreshing and pore cleansing, it's *sings* amazing! You should definitely try it. It's at Sephora [of course]. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. *breathes*

Is it weird that it looks like I have 3 fingers? LOL

Sephora describes the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask as "A groundbreaking, mineral-rich mask that peels off to deliver powerful detoxifying, purifying, and brightening effects.You can find this Boscia Luminizing Black Mask at Sephora [online or in-store] and it retails at $34

I'm inclined to agree. I absolutely love this stuff. I won't get into all the details of what's in or not in it, blah, blah, blah, that's what the link is for. HOWEVER, I can show you and describe to you how I use this mask.

Friday, February 17

First Impressions *Picture Heavy* **UPDATES**


So yesterday I told you that I received some great products to review: the Hello Kitty 5-pc brush set in Noir & the new, exclusive, limited edition Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette. AND as an added bonus, I received the NARS VIB freebie, which was a mini trio consisting of a base, illuminizer, and bronzer. So without further ado, my first impressions.

The Nail Junkie Giveaway

The Nail Junkie is having this neat giveaway that she dubbed: Think Spring! And the colors are definitely that, she even has a post featuring a whismical mani with these beauties.

The lucky winner will receive:
  1. A bottle of Revlon: Whimsical
  2. A bottle of Sinful Colors: Cinderella
  3. A container of Julep nail decals
Click HERE to enter
Good Luck!!

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Thursday, February 16

HK Teaser

Today I was surprised to receive an amazing gift to review. Miss Kitty White's 5-pc brush set in Noir and her new Mon Amour Palette. How amazing is that!? On top of that, I was able to snag my VIB freebie which was the NARS mini trio. Hehehe!

   Noir 5-Piece Brush Set - Black                             Mon Amour Palette
At first glance and full reviews coming soon!

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Wednesday, February 15

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!!

Today's Mean Girls homage comes to you from Southern Sister Polish's Valentine manis, you can see them HERE. Cute right? I used Nicole by OPI: Wear Something Spar-Kylie from the first Kardashian Kolor kollection, OPI: Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection which were accented by Nicole by OPI: Positive Energy, Wet n Wild: Black Creme, & Sephora by OPI: Diva-in-training from the GLEE collection.

Not as clean as her's but I'll pat myself on the back

Monday, February 13

How I Caved, Mani Routine & #FAIL

Hello my beauties! Today [or should I say tonight?] I bring you guilt-trip on how I caved into the posts/hype, my manicure routine, & my epic fail at a design. So, here we go...

Phase 1: I caved!!
Still... Not too bad, right?

25+ Giveaway!

Hello beauties!! As you may know I've been waiting to do this giveaway until I reached the mini-milestone of 25 and I finally did! Yay! So thank you for subscribing to me and following =) My blog isn't much but it's getting there and any advice, suggestions, or questions are always welcomed!! Okay, off the mushy stuff: GIVEAWAY TIME!!! *Starts tomorrow*

Because I love you all so much and I love Nicki more, I am giving you ... the OPI Nicki Minaj minis! PLUS a bonus mystery gift *ooOOoooHHhhh!!* LOL

This mini set includes the 3 cremes: Did It On 'Em | Fly | Pink Friday | Save Me
Each bottle contains: 3.75mL -1/8 Fl. Oz.
(On the box it says "Metallic 4 Life"... they lied)

Sunday, February 12

L.A. Colors Eyeshadows

So yesterday I was out shopping around for VDay stuff and I came a cross these beauties:
Aren't they purdy?

Thursday, February 9

Blues and Nude Shoes

Tuesday, I had another date night with one of my girls and of course I had to look stunning ;-) 

Pretty, no? And that's without gloss

One Lovely Blogger Award!

Yesterday I received the One Lovely Blogger Award from Kelly of Beauty Obsessed, and coming from her I knew it was genuine. This is my first blogger award and I'm happy to have it.
Thank you Kels!!

1. Thank the person that gave you this award
2. Name your nominated blog and tell them.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.

7 Randomosities about me!! YAY!!
- Throughout middle school and high school, I purposely changed my favorite color each year, and at the beginning of each New Year I re-wrote my alphabet until it was different and pleased me.

- I didn't learn until the 10th grade that I didn't have a middle name, a legal one anyway.

- I like to think of myself as a paradox because I'm often times backwards and make no sense whatsoever, lol

- I can't watch horror films and the likes because my mind works differently... kinda hard to explain lol

- I'm currently watching the entire Bones series, I'm on Season 1, Episode 10

- I have a happy dance that I will bring out at any given moment

- My husband says I'm a "tech whore" because I love [and want] the latest and best electronics.

I pass this award tooooooo:

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Wednesday, February 8

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!

This week's Mean Girls homage is brought to byyyyyyyyy... Sally Hansen with an appearance by OPI!! Christmas '10 one of my friends got me this stunning, off-the-charts hot pink [that I can't find anywhere] called Hi-Res.

Tsk, tsk, tsk! I'm such a tease, but I'll be nice and reward you with a glorious treat if you just click!

Monday, February 6

Feeling blue?

So am I! I decided to play around in my Sleek palette and this is the look I created.

Products Used:
  • Laura Mercier EYEBRIGHT Primer [Base]
  • Sleek: Underneath the Deep [inner lid / crease]
  • Sleek: Above the Surface [outer lid / wing]
  • Sleek: Diamonds in the Sand [inner crease / browbone]
  • Maybelline LINE Stilettos Liquid Eyeliner [top liner]
  • HiP 244 Beckoning [lower liner]
  • Buxom Voluminous Mascara
More images below

Hooray for me!

YAY!! I'm so excited y'all! I finally unlocked the power of water marbling! LOL I've seen so many other people do it but not explain HOW they did said water marble. Frustrating, right? Well, yesterday I was tweeting away and I saw my blogger go-to person, Kelly, post about her Step by Step Water Marbling Tutorial & Video. I was like SCORE!! Okay, okay, on to the finished product.

Saturday, February 4

Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Natural & Flash
Layered on Pink Friday
Wear Something Spar-Kylie is one of the few Kardashian Kolors from Nicole by OPI that I thought was a must have, Listen to Your Momager! was one that I snagged right away. This is a pretty, glittery rose-colored pink with multi-colored, microscopic pink glitters inside which does, indeed, cause this polish to sparkle!

I have to admit that I am sorely disappointed in the application, idk maybe I got a bad brush, but the application was thick and uneven. On top of that I did these nails last night at around 10:30 & as you can already see a little on my ring finger, it's starting to chip [and that's just the one you can see in the pictures]. I had such high hopes because it is a pretty color but is it worth the hassle? The only good from it is how quickly the polish dried.

Overall? C+ Would I buy it again? Probably not. Have you had any issues with your Wear Something Spar-Kylie?

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Friday, February 3

My first giveaway!! **CLOSED**

Hello my beauties!! I have decided NOT to wait to get the minimum 25+ followers and instead reward YOU GUYS for being so supportive & insightful. Since I do plan on doing another giveaway very soon, this will be a small but much requested prize.
Yes, OPI Nicki Minaj Metallic 4 Life!! 

Now! Moving forward!
You MUST be an original GFC
You must be 18+ or have parental consent
You must live in the USA; sorry, no international entries accepted

Nicki Kisses!!!

My MAC VIVA Glam Nicki Minaj arrived yesterday!! I was so surprised since I had just ordered it on Tuesday. 2 days!! Awesome. Okay so as I posted in How HOT is this?! this is Nick's 2nd collab with MAC. You can check out my previous post about her Pink Friday lipstick to see her 1st satiny hit.

Now! On to the next!

Wednesday, February 1

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!

Shout out to Mean Girls! LOL Okay, today was my son's turn to pick a lacquer from the Nicki Collection & he surprised me by picking Pink Friday instead of Did It On 'Em [because green is his favorite color] but he so sweetly said, "Because you like pink, Moma." =) SOooooo without further ado, here we go!!

Low Light & Flash [Sorry so blurry]

Dandy Nails Giveaway

Until I reach a good marker for my own giveaway, I will continue to bring other goods to you. =)

Today's giveaway comes from Dandy Nails.
L2R: Liquid Crystal, Full Spectrum, & Optical Illusion
These beauties are 3 out of 6 China Glaze Prismatic polishes. This give away is international & will in on VDay!

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How HOT is this?!

We know Nicki Minaj is your girl, so here's the chance to get exclusive 
access to purchase a Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick in a scene-stealing pink 
before anyone else!