Sunday, February 19

Oh my brightness! *Updated*

Okay, so now that I've calmed down, lol. Yesterday I was looking through my shadows trying to decide what looked I wanted to go with while out with the girls but that didn't happen so the possibilities were endless!! And I settled for a brightly summery look. =)

If you want to know the specific products I used, or see a video on how I did it, ask and I will post but for the cliff notes version: I created a simple but bright, yellow winged eyes, topped that off with purple lashes, contoured cheeks, and vividly show stopping red lips.
*original* I was feeling very summer-ish today so I decided to make a beat face full of colors. Chhhhhheccccckkkk itt ouuuuuttttttttt!!

I have yellow eyes, purple lashes, and red lips. WHOOP WHOOP!!
I love how my brows look

You can see a bit of everything here. Check out those lashes!

And just for fun & because I'm full of randomness, out pops my blue wig =) I love how it meshes with all the colors, its so awesome to me. People that know me, know that I would actually wear this and have the time of my life prancing about, but HOW COULD YOU NOT!?! LOL
*original*OH! Did I forget to mention BLUE hair in the mix of colors?! Sowwy!

Silly, silly me!
Soooooo I didn't do details, sue me. LOL BUT just because I love you all so much, this look came from the Sephora 2011 Summer catalog, Yall know I love me some Sephora. I could be there spokesperson or something, lol. MUAH!! Laters!
*original*Okey dokey! Just wanted to drive-by post this, more details on the morrow!!! MUUUUAAAHHH!! Good night, beauties!!!

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