Saturday, February 4

Wear Something Spar-Kylie

Natural & Flash
Layered on Pink Friday
Wear Something Spar-Kylie is one of the few Kardashian Kolors from Nicole by OPI that I thought was a must have, Listen to Your Momager! was one that I snagged right away. This is a pretty, glittery rose-colored pink with multi-colored, microscopic pink glitters inside which does, indeed, cause this polish to sparkle!

I have to admit that I am sorely disappointed in the application, idk maybe I got a bad brush, but the application was thick and uneven. On top of that I did these nails last night at around 10:30 & as you can already see a little on my ring finger, it's starting to chip [and that's just the one you can see in the pictures]. I had such high hopes because it is a pretty color but is it worth the hassle? The only good from it is how quickly the polish dried.

Overall? C+ Would I buy it again? Probably not. Have you had any issues with your Wear Something Spar-Kylie?

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Friday, February 3

My first giveaway!! **CLOSED**

Hello my beauties!! I have decided NOT to wait to get the minimum 25+ followers and instead reward YOU GUYS for being so supportive & insightful. Since I do plan on doing another giveaway very soon, this will be a small but much requested prize.
Yes, OPI Nicki Minaj Metallic 4 Life!! 

Now! Moving forward!
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Nicki Kisses!!!

My MAC VIVA Glam Nicki Minaj arrived yesterday!! I was so surprised since I had just ordered it on Tuesday. 2 days!! Awesome. Okay so as I posted in How HOT is this?! this is Nick's 2nd collab with MAC. You can check out my previous post about her Pink Friday lipstick to see her 1st satiny hit.

Now! On to the next!

Wednesday, February 1

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!

Shout out to Mean Girls! LOL Okay, today was my son's turn to pick a lacquer from the Nicki Collection & he surprised me by picking Pink Friday instead of Did It On 'Em [because green is his favorite color] but he so sweetly said, "Because you like pink, Moma." =) SOooooo without further ado, here we go!!

Low Light & Flash [Sorry so blurry]

Dandy Nails Giveaway

Until I reach a good marker for my own giveaway, I will continue to bring other goods to you. =)

Today's giveaway comes from Dandy Nails.
L2R: Liquid Crystal, Full Spectrum, & Optical Illusion
These beauties are 3 out of 6 China Glaze Prismatic polishes. This give away is international & will in on VDay!

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How HOT is this?!

We know Nicki Minaj is your girl, so here's the chance to get exclusive 
access to purchase a Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick in a scene-stealing pink 
before anyone else!

Tuesday, January 31

Quickie Post!! *Updated*

Hey beauties! This is the first use of my Sleek Divine [The Original] palette, eek!

I wasn't sure which way I wanted to lean at first because of all the beautiful colors, but of course, my outfit ended up being the decision maker. I used 2 shadows to create this neutral smokey eye, Sleek Flamingo blush, & Maybelline 035 Pink Peony. 

The closest I could get of my eyes with it being visible.

Listen to Your Momager!

As you all know the Kardashians decided to collab a collection with Nicole by OPI last year. I must admit that there were a few colors that caught my eye but eventually I forgot about them & moved on. ...that is, until I was watching KKTNY [Kourtney & Kim Take New York] and I saw Kris Jenner wearing this luxurious and commanding blue polish on her nails! I was like, "Babe!! I want that polish! I have to find out what she's wearing!!" Of course he was like, "...oookay?" I suddenly remembered, "Oh, wait! They have a line! YES!" So I immediately typed in "" and BOOM! Listen to Your Momager! I was like, goooooaaaaaaallllll!!!! LOL So of course, I ran down to Wally World and snatched it up [sad that I didn't see Khloe had a little Lam Lam] and pranced around with excited, then drooled once I saw the finished product.

Add caption
Listen to Your Momager is a jelly based dark royal blue with tiny, microscopic blue shimmers inside *drools* I applied two coats for the opacity, which was actually surprising since the first coat was so sheer.

I topped my index finger with a gorgeous shattered that I fell in love with at a Sephora in-store VIB sale; it's Sephora by OPI, of course, in Turquoise Blasted. This is a beautiful turquoise blue with it's own tiny shimmers. I really like the combo.

What do you think? Any Kardashian favorite?

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OPI Metallic 4 Life *Updated*

Happy Tuesday! It's a bit better than Monday right? Plus there's ...ME!! Here to brighten your day! LOL

ANYHOO! As I promised on yesterday's post [OPI Nicki Minaj Swatches], I would do hand swatches based on which lacquer my husband like best out of the collection. He chose Metallic 4 Life because he says it looks grey... Gray is favorite color. I GUESS it could look grey to a man's uncaring/weird eye(s). LOL

Metallic 4 Life is a gorgeous, look at me black jelly based lacquer dosed with small & medium round & hexagon silver glitters. Very pretty. I typically don't like black & glitter, not really sure why but I just don't but this I love. The application went on smoothly for me. I've read some complaints about the application, the glitter itself, and/or the roughness of the finish. I haven't had any of those problems. No clumps, no glitter hangovers, and after a topcoat, a nice sheen. 

Left: natural light | Right: flash
Sorry it's so blurry

Monday, January 30

January Favorites

My first ever favorites post, yay!

1. My Buxom Passport kit: OMG, I don't know where I was before this was in my life but I don't want to go back! Nude, smooth, kissable lips on the go with a voluminousness mascara to boot!

2. Sally Hansen Complete Care: This is like the ultimate nail godsend to me. I was having problem with my nails after so many acrylics and the likes, this really helps because it's more than an all in one. Got it from Wally World.

3. NYX Mosaic Powder: Ash gave this to me because it didn't work well for her but I love it. I can blend it or use the gold, bronze, & pink side individually. Not sure where she got it from but you can ask her.

4. Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair: I wanted to start taking better care of my feet for myself & the hubby so I used this and it is just delightful!! LOL It tingles, scrubs, soothes, & smooths... not to mention the yummy smell! [Not sold online but also in Wally World]

What were your January favorites?

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OPI Nicki Minaj Swatches

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Nicki & that I was one of the crazies online crashing MAC's website trying to get the Limited Edition Pink Friday lipstick [Which I DID! LOL] So you know when I heard about OPI & the head HB collab, I freaked! LOL I did not get them when they first came out because I could not find them in the stores so eventually I gave into eBay & they arrived today!!! EEEEEEEEKKK!!! *Breathes*

Monday's Blog Hop

Hey beauties! Happy Monday!

Today I decided to finally kick myself in the arse and join a blog hop. I don't have many followers so it would be a great way to gain followers and find other awesome bloggers as well right? Well, I hope so! Kelly & Nykki are two *falsetto dramatic voice* A-MAZ-ING!!! beauty bloggers who are pretty, kind, sweet, funny, & helpful [where was I going with this?] oh, yea, lol and they are the founders of the Monday Blog Hop. If you would like to join or at least get more details on it, click the button.


....DO it! You know ya wannaaaaaa!!

BUT even if you don't, I highly recommend that you check out, both, Kelly's & Nykki's blogs and subscribe to them. Happy Monday again!! Stay tuned for more posts and randomosity!

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LovebeanGirl Giveaway

OMG, this lady has the CUTEST blog ever!!! I ADORE it! I would be friends with this chick in real life & not just cyber world, lol. Anywhoo... She is doing a great giveaway which includes 5 polishes, & to much needed manicure applications. Check it all out here, at LovebeanGirl!

Oh! If you're wondering or have ever wondered where I get the news of my giveaways from, it's Crazy For Giveaways, even if you aren't in to giveaways, it a great place to find amazing blogs to follow.

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