Tuesday, January 31

Listen to Your Momager!

As you all know the Kardashians decided to collab a collection with Nicole by OPI last year. I must admit that there were a few colors that caught my eye but eventually I forgot about them & moved on. ...that is, until I was watching KKTNY [Kourtney & Kim Take New York] and I saw Kris Jenner wearing this luxurious and commanding blue polish on her nails! I was like, "Babe!! I want that polish! I have to find out what she's wearing!!" Of course he was like, "...oookay?" I suddenly remembered, "Oh, wait! They have a line! YES!" So I immediately typed in "nicolebyopi.com" and BOOM! Listen to Your Momager! I was like, goooooaaaaaaallllll!!!! LOL So of course, I ran down to Wally World and snatched it up [sad that I didn't see Khloe had a little Lam Lam] and pranced around with excited, then drooled once I saw the finished product.

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Listen to Your Momager is a jelly based dark royal blue with tiny, microscopic blue shimmers inside *drools* I applied two coats for the opacity, which was actually surprising since the first coat was so sheer.

I topped my index finger with a gorgeous shattered that I fell in love with at a Sephora in-store VIB sale; it's Sephora by OPI, of course, in Turquoise Blasted. This is a beautiful turquoise blue with it's own tiny shimmers. I really like the combo.

What do you think? Any Kardashian favorite?

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