Monday, January 30

January Favorites

My first ever favorites post, yay!

1. My Buxom Passport kit: OMG, I don't know where I was before this was in my life but I don't want to go back! Nude, smooth, kissable lips on the go with a voluminousness mascara to boot!

2. Sally Hansen Complete Care: This is like the ultimate nail godsend to me. I was having problem with my nails after so many acrylics and the likes, this really helps because it's more than an all in one. Got it from Wally World.

3. NYX Mosaic Powder: Ash gave this to me because it didn't work well for her but I love it. I can blend it or use the gold, bronze, & pink side individually. Not sure where she got it from but you can ask her.

4. Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair: I wanted to start taking better care of my feet for myself & the hubby so I used this and it is just delightful!! LOL It tingles, scrubs, soothes, & smooths... not to mention the yummy smell! [Not sold online but also in Wally World]

What were your January favorites?

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