Wednesday, February 1

We Wear Pink on Wednesdays!

Shout out to Mean Girls! LOL Okay, today was my son's turn to pick a lacquer from the Nicki Collection & he surprised me by picking Pink Friday instead of Did It On 'Em [because green is his favorite color] but he so sweetly said, "Because you like pink, Moma." =) SOooooo without further ado, here we go!!

Low Light & Flash [Sorry so blurry]

Pink Friday went on deliciously smooth!!! YUM!! It feels so nice & smooth, creamy to the touch. Love it! It's so Nicki. First coat was streaky but only needed a full 2 coats for complete opacity, which is no less than I use for any other polish.

Flash & Low Light
Save Me is a party in a bottle! I think it goes great with Pink Friday, creating the perfect Birthday Girl look to me. The bar glitter will stand out over the ends of your nails if you don't push them back but a good top coat secures & smooths out this gorgeous glitter holo.

Just for kicks I wanted to see how close [or not] Pink Friday the creme lacquer came to the Pink Friday satin lipstick. What do you think?

Ignore my edges & of the blur. I was rushing, sorry!

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