Tuesday, January 31

OPI Metallic 4 Life *Updated*

Happy Tuesday! It's a bit better than Monday right? Plus there's ...ME!! Here to brighten your day! LOL

ANYHOO! As I promised on yesterday's post [OPI Nicki Minaj Swatches], I would do hand swatches based on which lacquer my husband like best out of the collection. He chose Metallic 4 Life because he says it looks grey... Gray is favorite color. I GUESS it could look grey to a man's uncaring/weird eye(s). LOL

Metallic 4 Life is a gorgeous, look at me black jelly based lacquer dosed with small & medium round & hexagon silver glitters. Very pretty. I typically don't like black & glitter, not really sure why but I just don't but this I love. The application went on smoothly for me. I've read some complaints about the application, the glitter itself, and/or the roughness of the finish. I haven't had any of those problems. No clumps, no glitter hangovers, and after a topcoat, a nice sheen. 

Left: natural light | Right: flash
Sorry it's so blurry

Have you had or not have any of the issues above? Do you have this lacquer, how do you like or dislike about it? NIICKKIII!! LOL Sorry for the outburst. I think I'll let my son & daughter pick next, they are always wanting to "help", lol. Well, until next time folks!

Gaaahhh!!! It's like pretty tin nails!
During the removal of Metallic 4 Life, I discovered this undercover beauty! Tell me, would you rock this?

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