Thursday, February 9

Blues and Nude Shoes

Tuesday, I had another date night with one of my girls and of course I had to look stunning ;-) 

Pretty, no? And that's without gloss
I've liked the blue eyes I did the other day that I decided to do it again in a more toned down version, of course, plus it went with my outfit, so how could I say no to that, right!? LOL
So again, I turned to my trusty Sleek iDivine palette, and worked the little magic I can =) I paired it with my Too Faced Gorgeous Lips Everyday and created this simple but beautiful masterpiece. Take a closer look.
I'm still getting the hang of this.
 I wanted to do a smokey eye but I'm still not too great at it so I decided to do a small winged eye instead, which as you can see, isn't the straightest but I like it. =)

I love the way my lashes look.
Originally I was going to do a neutral or natural eye with a statement lip but then I remembered that I had a pair of cute nude stilettos that I hadn't worn yet and I couldn't pass up the opportunity =) 
Cute, right!?
I have no clue where my friend bought them from, but if you're interested I could definitely ask her, no prob. Just for fun, I went into Picnik and penciled myself, I thought it was cute... Cute, I've used that how many times in this post? LOL
Products Used:
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance [Base]
  • Sleek: Above the Surface [inner lid / crease]
  • Sleek: Smother Me [outer lid / wing]
  • Sleek: Diamonds in the Sand [inner crease / browbone]
  • Maybelline LINE Stilettos Liquid Eyeliner [top liner]
  • Buxom Voluminous Mascara
  • Too Faced Lip Insurance [Primer]
  • Too Faced Perfect Lips: Perfect Nude [Liner]
  • Too Faced Lipstick: Totally Nude [Lips]
What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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