Tuesday, February 28

Bow Review

Hello beauties! It is way past my bedtime & I'm sure I will feel this in the morning >-< Oh wells =)

The other day, I briefly mentioned that I won a giveaway for my daughter, a beautiful bow from Brittany's Bows & More, well it has arrived and my daughter and I both love it and will definitely be ordering more. Actually I just placed an order for her lol. She saw the bows and said, "It's Doh-rah! It's Doh-rah, Moma!" LOL She adores Dora and since she's only 2 she enunciates like crazy, it's so cute.

Here are the pics. =)  I decided to play around with her hair to see which way I wanted her bow to be.

Fro =) OAN: Her smiles kills me, lol

2 puffs =) *Close-up

Her mini doo =)

One big puff *Close-up
 Okay, I tried to get one of a straight forward with the single puff but her smile would just not allow me to do it, lol I just would not put my baby out there like that with her crooked smile and squinted eyes lol.

So which style did you think I picked?

Did you guess the Minnie puffs? YAY! They are so cute and I just did a single puff the other day, lol.

In her Dora outfit

She's tired of me now, can you tell? LOL
So cute!!
I really hope that you all like the bow and will check out Brittany's Bows & More on FBEtsy!

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