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First Impressions *Picture Heavy* **UPDATES**


So yesterday I told you that I received some great products to review: the Hello Kitty 5-pc brush set in Noir & the new, exclusive, limited edition Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette. AND as an added bonus, I received the NARS VIB freebie, which was a mini trio consisting of a base, illuminizer, and bronzer. So without further ado, my first impressions.

 The HK brush set is sooooo cute! But then again, it's HK so why wouldn't it be, right? Let's take a look...

So we open her up and it there are the brushes, neatly tucked away into protective plastic. 
I kinda wish Miss Kitty White was wrapped in some time of protective plastic so that she wouldn't have these little scrapes on her.
Does that look weird to you? LOL
      Here's first glance at the brushes. They look like very simple brushes, like if you didn't see the HK logo then upon first glance you wouldn't be able to tell a real difference in them versus a typical cheap drugstore brand. However, once you feel them they are incredibly soft and appear to be very promising but of course, I won't know that for sure until I've used them for at least a week, consistently. The brushes are short, but I guess that's to be expected since most things HK is miniature, hopefully this won't be an issue in use.

As you can see above, each brush is clearly listed.
Brush Pros:
Face: Soft, flexible, fluffy - Agreed
I love this brush, so soft, and gets the job done, easy to clean
Eye Shadow: Soft, flexible with the right amount of sturdiness - Wrong
So disappointed in this brush as an eyeshadow brush, maybe a blender...
Shader: Soft, flexible with the right amount of sturdiness - Agreed
Great brush, I actually use this as my shadow brush
Angled Eyeliner: Soft, sturdy, straight - Agreed
Still sturdy and soft, straight lines, just perfect
Lip: Soft, sturdy, comes with a metal case and extender - Agreed
Does what it's supposed to, clean even strokes

Brush Cons:
Face: 2-3 random loose strings, although it no longer sheds - N/A
Eye Shadow: When testing the flexibility and softness of the bristles, a fine powder/dust came out?
- Entirely too big to be a shadow brush, I use as a blending brush
Shader: When testing the flexibility and softness of the bristles, a fine powder/dust came out?
- Too small to be a blending brush, I use as a shadow brush
Angled Eyeliner: N/A - N/A
Lip: Initial stiffness, no longer stiff - N/A

Overall 4.5 out of 5

Back into there little cute cage, they go!

Adorable with a hint of creepiness... just like children lol
You can find this Limited Edition Hello Kitty Noir 5-Pc Brush Set - Black at Sephora [online or in-store] and it retails at $32

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*BREAK TIME*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
 This new palette from Miss Kitty White is adorable! The website says it best, "An adorable eye shadow and blush palette illustrated with Hello Kitty on a whimsical tour of her beloved Paris."  Now let's take a closer look...

I really like that put the small details on the protective cover in gold to enhance the elegance of the look. Once I took off the protective cover, I was surprise that the inside cover of the book was a faux cover and the bubbles was not a container of the shadows. How cute is that?!

Unfortunately, I don't have any swatches as of yet but I will soon. The shadows look very promising and I don't have any pastels in my arsenal so these are definitely a welcomed addition.

 The website describes the shadows as below, going from left to right:

  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Passion Fruit Macaroon [shimmery lavender purple]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in  Jardin [matte turquoise blue]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Parisian Pink [matte rose pink]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Fleur de Lys [iridescent deep purple]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Lemon Meringue [matte butter cream]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Croissant [golden vanilla], Pistaschio [golden soft green]
  • 0.061oz eye shadow in Eiffel Tower [golden grey]
  • 2 x 0.13 blush in Strawberry Macaroon [peachy pink] and Rasberry Macaroon [hot pink]

Close up of the open book, look at the big & convenient mirror
Swatches: Left, natural light - Right, flash
Some looked chalky when I swatched but I'll see how it goes underneath a primer
 You can find this Exclusive, Limited Edition Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette at Sephora [online or in-store] and it retails at $42

  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*BREAK TIME*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I won't go into too much detail here. NARS mini trio: 
Eye shadow base, Bronzing Powder in Laguna, & Illuminator in Orgasm

Came with this handy little pouch


Unboxed, can't wait to try!
 Sorry, about the ending, I have to rush and go but I think I got the important things out. Hope you like the post and hopefully I'll have some looks up soon. MUAH! Laters!

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