Monday, February 13

How I Caved, Mani Routine & #FAIL

Hello my beauties! Today [or should I say tonight?] I bring you guilt-trip on how I caved into the posts/hype, my manicure routine, & my epic fail at a design. So, here we go...

Phase 1: I caved!!
Still... Not too bad, right?
Okay, again, [at the risk of losing you] I caved!!! I kept seeing posts with bloggers using dotting tools and the much coveted Orly's Nail Defense & Armor and Gelous. Soooooo... I took a quick little trip to Sally's Beauty Supply to snag them up and ran from the store as far as I could before I bought anything else, lol.

I decided to try something else other than my beloved

I'm really not a fan of thick coats but we'll see.

Phase 2: Manicure Routine*
*this has been revised to fit in the new babies

1. Trim & File:
I always trim/clip my nails first because I don't want to wan my file down unnecessarily while hurting my nails by vigorously filing down the nails back & forth. After I trim, I use the file to smooth out my edges. Then I put back my cuticles with my thumb nail. [Haven't really seen the use for a cuticle pusher *shrugs*]

2. Buff Block:
After I have shaped my nails the way that I want them; I use my 4-sided buff block (Even Out, Smooth, & Buff; I rarely use Shine)

3. Clean:
Then I go to the bathroom or nearby sink and use a moisturizing hand soap along with warm water and my scrubber to clean underneath my nails, wash away any "dust", and help soften and secure cuticles. Rinse, & pat dry.

4. Base:
NOW! Here comes the Defense (1 coat) followed by Armor (2 coats). It's said that these two does miracles, let's see.

5. Oil:
I originally got this like yeeeeaaaarrrrsssss ago, not knowing what it was really, so of course I didn't know how to use it. As you can see, I got it (Beauty Secrets: Nail Matrix) in the small bottle and the only reason I even got it at all is because I remember my mom having it in her stash of nail stuff. I was always going into her polish. It's also an instant polish dryer. Nifty, lol.

6. The end:
Paint, top, moisturize!! =)

Top two, after cleaning | L2R, Defense & Armor

Phase 3: Epic #Fail
Ugh! So Sloppy!
Okay, so the other day I saw Southern Sister Polish blog about VDay manis and they were so cute, I thought I'd try. Wellllll I failed x_x Click the link to see her awesome originals.

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