Thursday, October 20

Love those eyes

As you may know I have a Tumblr [that I've actually been neglecting since I've been come a bblogger, lol] Well I seen this post and I just thought they were DE-licious! I'm not sure if she did her eyes herself but I know mines darn sure didn't come close to it lol. Maybe I didn't have the right colors or it's because I used pressed instead of pigmented. IDK. Oh wells *shrugs*

I think what I like most is how intriguing the eyes are, the vividness and boldness just draws you in. What do you think? Would you wear this?

Although my version didn't come out a catastrophe, it didn't come out as vividly as I had hoped. Plus I haven't gotten comfortable with my liquid liner yet. While I'm at, why don't I blame my camera too =) 

This is a close up. Like I said not horrible but it could have been better, way better. Any tips? Any at all will help. Thanks for reading!

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