Sunday, October 5

Nail Art Overload!! [Picture Heavy]

Okay, so I've been dealing with some personal things and had to take a break from my blog... for a year or so. Yeah, I know -_-

Anywho... I have still been taking care to maintain my nails however I haven't been able to keep track of all of my pictures =(

Here's a photo bomb of the ones I have, I will be making individual posts for those you're interested in or my favorites...

These are what I call "Simple Solids"
Listed from Left to Right:
Peachy Keen | Red Pumps | Stolen Kisses | Glass of Bordeau | Backstage Pass | Club Lights | Outrageous | Free Fall | Slushied  & Diva-in-Training | Playful Plum & Listen to Your Momager | Forget-Me-Not Blue | | Respect the World | Fina & Turquoise Blasted | Sweet Daisy, Southern Charm, & Unfor-greta-bly Blue | Handpicked for Me | Charcoal Charm | Unfor-greta-bly Blue | Solar Yellow | Silver Star
and of course some nail art =)
Left to Right:
Halloween mani [glow] | Pixar mani [Incredibles] | Halloween mani | Geometric pastels | Leaves [Canadian] | Tribal [gradient] | Birthday mani | Animal print | Black & White [yin/yang] | NoH8 mani | Holiday mani [half moon] | Lines mani | Watermarble [BCA] | Dotticure | Awareness Nails [Hydrocephalus] | Awareness Nails [Suicide] | Watermarble [Galaxy Nails] | Flowers [French Tip]

Let me know which are you faves and I'll be sure to do a featured post on them =)

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