Thursday, October 9

Post Full of Minis

Heeyy there lovey!

Let's talk bubbly, bright, annoyingly watchful little people, i.e. my daughter. -__- This is beautiful little trickster below is her. Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, laddies and lassies, introduciiiinng Princess Ally 


If you're like me with a daughter of your own then you know that anything you do, your daughter is going to do, want to do, and of course inevitably will do then you, chickadee, have a "Mini Me". My mini me requires that I do her hair over and over again, places stickers everywhere to have tattoos like Moma, and of course I have to do her nails thus the "mini mani" LOL!  
Here are few I actually had a mind to shoot [go figure I didn't for some of the best] but I still like them and am very proud of myself to successfully get designs on a 4 year old [FOUR!] Yeah, I deserve a reward, maybe a medal LOL! With that being said, clean up isn't as easy as you can see on glow manicure. 

First, we have what I like to call [because of course I name all my designs]
Sparkles & Pearls: soft, feminine, and age appropriate [very important when it comes to kids' nails]. She love the "sparkle" which is the glitters on her accent nail.
Sparkles and Pearls
Base: OPI's Pink Friday & Sally Hansen's Ice Queen | Dots: Sally Hansen

Blurred Lines: a pretty yet simplistic pattern design. My daughter loves patterns so she was super excited because purple is her favorite color and pink used to be mines, add patterns and SUCCESS! This picture isn't true to color though =(
Blurred Lines
Wet 'N Wild's How I Met Your Magenta & LA Colors Nuclear Energy

Witches Brew & Spiders Too!: a super fun, quick, and BRIGHT Halloween look perfect for a mini. She requested a witch and a spider [because of the one I had] and the look came out so cute and the matte top coat really made it pop.

Witches Brew & Spiders Too!
Base: LA Colors' Scream [green] & Absolute [pink] | Hat: LA Colors' Nuclear | Star: Hello Kitty's Silver Star
Details: Matte Jet Black Acrylic | Top Coat: Sally Hansen's BIG Matte Top Coat
Yeahh... cleanup was a bitch, esp since I didn't see it until after it was under the light
Nice, right? =) I like to think so, too. I'd love to see any posts you have of your mini me with their mini mani, just tag me or post below!! As always, until next time lovelies! 

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