Monday, October 6

Candy Corn Anyone?

Hey there lovelies!!

Still trying to get into the swing of things so bear with me but in the mean time feast your eyes on this yumminess!

I call this "Candy Corn Abstract". You like, you like?? Yea, yea, yea, I do! It's my 3rd Halloween design so far. Yeah, I know I haven't posted the other two yet *shrugs* I'm kinda ass backwards right now lol I'll do a featured post on them soon, if you can't wait you can check out my iG [instagram].

Now onward!! Because I'm so cool [not] I "named" each of the little abstract designs from left to right:

Candy Corn [duh, can't have a candy corn designs without actual candy corn]
Base: Under My Trench Coat | Lines: Matte Jet Black Acrylic | Polishes: Banana Smoothie, Sun Flower, White Out

Candy Man Candy Corn [some of you may be too young to know, appreciate, and be terrified of the Candy Man]
Base: White Out | Lines: Matte Jet Black Acrylic | Polishes: Banana Smoothie & Sun Flower

Potions by Candy Corn [be careful, it'll hypnotize you!]
Base: None | Polishes: Banana Smoothie, Sun Flower, Energy Source

Mini Mania a la Candy Corn
Base: Black Creme | Lines: Matte White Acrylic | Polishes: Banana Smoothie & Sun Flower

Unfortunately this isn't true to color, it's a lot more vivid in "real life" but I still love this look. Hopefully I'll have my camera soon so I will be able to take better quality images... with that being said thank you for checking me and my work out, see you soon!

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