Monday, October 24

Hellllllooo Kitty!

I absolutely ADORE Miss Kitty White!! I mean who doesn't?! Hello Kitty is small, sweet, adorable, playful, classy & loved by all. One of the things I like about her is that she can be worn by all ages and for almost any occasion. Love it!!! =D

Here are a few things that I've come across that I would really like to get eventually. Feel free to add your own links & images!

Of course these chic & playful HK nails! 
Appropriate for both work or GNO

To complete the hand beauty, why not add a little geek chic!?
And these are so purfect for me because my husband & I both wear glasses lol

And what ensemble would be complete WITHOUT these sassy pair of heels?
Answer: NONE! LOL


I want these cases soooo bad! They are from MeBlingBling
The bottom one stays on t/case directly surrounded by flowers & gems =)
The top one lifts off the case & she's holding a bear, how cute! 

As you can probably tell the picture... I have this one!
It's a compact mirror in Noir, so cute & sophisticated.

This is Kitty White's makeup pallet
Even her insides are gorgeous, lol

  Here are her brushes in Crystal & Noir.
I really like the clear because it's pink & soft & girly but I already have the Noir compact...
Plus the pallet is Noir... Decisions, decisions. 

Welllll, this concludes my Hello Kitty freak out, lol. I hope you enjoyed, and share my love =) The cosmetic HK products can be found at Sephora. See you next time!

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