Monday, October 24

It's BARBIE! Biiitttcccccchhhhh!!!!!

LOL!! Do I have your attention?! GOOD! 

Miss Nicki Minaj is teaming up with OPI Nail Lacquer [[OMG!!]] to produce her own line of polish based of her Pink Friday album!! I'm SOOOOOO excited! They even come in MINIS!!! AHHHHHH!!! LOL Okay, breathe, breathe.... calms. Now the bum thing is that they don't come out until 2012 ='( 

From top 2 bottom, left 2 right:  Super Bass/ Save Me, Pink Friday/ Metal 4 Life, Fly/ Did It On Em

Soooooo, needless to say I will most definitely be getting these AS SOON AS they are on the self, lol. Don't do a review before me!

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