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Sephora Haul [Picture Heavy] **Updated**

Good morning!! I know it took forever but here's my mini Sephora haul. Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE Sephora! It's my favorite beauty store to shop at not only because of the variety but also because of the benefits. =) I'm a VIB as well as Beauty Insider, if you haven't found the joys of being one, you should look into it ;-) If you don't want to take my word for it, here's the fact, because I am both a VIB & Beauty Insider, I got 6 out of 8 of these items free, who doesn't want that right? LOL Okay! On to the pics and details.

Nothing special since I didn't get it gift wrapped or anything, just a regular old box with their logo. It says FRAGILE on the box although, I really didn't see anything "fragile" in there but I guess they just wanted the products to be handled with care, which is nice. Once the box was open, it was nothing special. 

Signature 'S'                                                     *Excuse my toes* LOL                                                Order form
On top, separated from the good goodies, were my 3 free samples that you have the option to get at check out. They are nice but of course, I wanted what was underneath! Which unfortunately, as you can see so many trees had to die for me to get to. After, sifting through idk how many folds of paper, I saw the glorious-ness of my goodies!! Couldn't wait to play in them =)

I chose 2 perfumes & a moisturizer      Seriously, who needs all of this paper?!        Yummmy!! Don't you love it =0
First, is the bliss triple oxygen + c energizing cream. [I haven't actually tried it yet because I've been crazy busy, but hopefully I'll get to it soon] It states that it "releases oxygen to instantly recharge dull skin | super-charge vitamin C helps promote collagen | moisturizes, smooths, & brightens" I will certainly most see!

Secondly, is the DKNY Golden Delicious. This is something that I have been wanting to try for a very long time but I didn't want to buy it without trying it for a couple of days. SO now I have that opportunity, yay!

Thirdly, is a perfume by Peace Love & Juicy Couture. Haven't really had the "urge" to try it. Kinda in a rush to get the big items lol

I think the packaging is pretty.

Because I love Sephora & Sephora loves ME [lol], they decide to surprise me with a birthday present! It's by philosophy is is fan-frickin-tastic, they have beyond great products. One of the awesome things about philosophy is that it comes with a philosophy based on the product give. For instance, this particular philosophy is called happy birthday, beautiful! and the philosophy written is "true beauty is ageless" =) If THAT doesn't make you smile, then hear this yumminess, it's in vanilla birthday cake, a shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath. I like it already, lol

Front & back views, see the Beauty Insider logo =)

The two things that I actually bought was both value sets, and I couldn't decide between the two so I got them both, problem solved, lol =)

Tarte Ring It in Cheek Stain Set: It was Online Only, Limited Edition 
[Original pice? $74 What I paid? $25]

The site's description, "A limited-edition set of three best-selling and award-winning mini cheek stains in all new shades, plus a universally sized cocktail ring."

I'm a sucker for exclusivity so for it to limited edition AND online only? Oh wait. PLUS it being TARTE consider me SOLD lol

I did like the way they presented the packaging, love the gold. 
Top, Front, & Back view

This was freebie that they threw into the set. A simple gold cocktail ring, allegedly universal but it fits a little too snug on my finger.
Nice, simple rope knot
Each of cheek stains came in a small tube with it's own name of course. They also came with a cap which I thought was nice. Here's the first:
This is the first I opened, it's a bronze color they call: Luster
The second:
The second, is a bright pink called: Vivid
The third:
This one is kind of a deep coral to me, it's called: Flawless *I nicked it getting the top off
The Luster has a nice shimmer
The Vivid is a nice rosy pink
The Flawless is almost translucent to me
**Excuse the hairy arms, lol**
The top is without flash, the bottom with flash
Too Faced Gorgeous Lips Everyday: It was Online Only
[Original price? $72 What I paid? $27]

The site's description, "A five-piece collection featuring everything you need to build the perfect lip, every day."

I here a lot about Too Faced but never actually got the chance to try their pallet until I got it with my VIB points one day [I did a review on it here] so when I saw this I was like, awesome I get to try them some more, esp since I really needed a nude lip. So without further ado...

It comes with this gorgeous satin zipper bag, the inside lining is pink
Isn't this absolutely gorgeous?

Too Faced is CRUELTY FREE, no animal testing =)
A close up of the front & back

Actual products: Lip Liner in Perfect Nude | Lip Gloss in Sex Pot | Lip Primer | Lipstick in Totally Nude
The products were neatly wrapped in pink paper. Can't wait to try these =)

With flash
So for the 500 point perk this time that a Buxom gift, and I was like hmmm that sounds interesting, let's get it. Once I saw it, I was happy with my choice.

A close up of the pretty box. Did you know that is Bare Essentials? I didn't =)
This also came with a cute little case in the form of a "passport" composed of individual slots for your Buxom products and a compartment for a compact mirror.
Lip Liner, Lip Gloss, & Mascara
I also got this simple [but sorta awesome since I'm Sephora lover] iPhone case cover for free with the promo code MOBILE. I have the 3gs so here's my cover.

Sorry this took so long!! But I hope you enjoy it and if you would like a more detail review on an individual product, just comment or email me. =)

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