Saturday, January 28

Tag! Ha! Nailed ya!

I love doing a good tag once in a while and since I definitely love nail polish, this is right up my alley! I found this on Kelly's blog Beauty Obsessed 

Rules are just like the other tags you see on blogs.
1. Answer 10 questions. 
2. Pass this tag to 5 other bloggers. 
3. Make sure that the bloggers you tagged know about this.


1. How many polishes do you have? 
47- I just counted, not nearly enough in my opinion, lol

2. What is your favorite brand of nail polish? 
OPI & Nicole by OPI, which are pretty much the same & Sally Hansen

3. Do you like crackle polish or do you hate it?
I like it, if it's done properly.

4.What is the brand of your first nail polish? 
Wow, I had to dig deep but Bon Bons, lol You know the tiny ones they sold in Wal-Mart?

5. If you're going to have a nail polish line, what are you gonna name it? 
Karma's Kiss of course! Of Kiss, by Karma

6. What nail polish color does not compliment you? 
I honestly haven't found one yet... My skin tone can take just about any color.

7. What nail polish color compliments you? 
Mainly blues but the rainbow & anything over and outward of the rainbow as well. I have on a Smoky Brown, now

8. Name 2 of your nail art best friends? 
My fast drying nail polish top coat & my acetone [although it's more of a frienemy relationship] 

9. What was the best nail polish gift you have ever received? 
...Never received one, although my friend is getting me the Nail Wheel today, so yay!

10. Make a speech about thanking the blogger who gave you this tag. 
Thanks Kelly for doing this tag so I could find it and do it also! She's an awesome blogger & should be followed! 

If you end up doing this tag leave me a comment with the link to your post so I can read your answers!!:)

Don't forget your Karma Kiss for the day!! 

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